he said “I spoke to much”

My boyfriend and I recently had the famous conversation of recalling our first date. The awkwardness of meeting someone you never met before and the things you do that never seem to be a problem, until you reflect back on the situation.

I know, that when I get nervous I speak fast and I never seem to stop lol and my boyfriend caught onto to that too. In his words “I spoke to much” but, I guess it wasn’t a problem since we obviously went on more dates.

Until I found out, it kinda was. He said I spoke to much about other things, like school and my sorority. I gave him a look like, “well I didn’t know what to talk about.” and he responded, “Well, I wish you spoke more about yourself.”

There was no hard feelings to this conversation, It made me curious, I thought I was open, I thought I was giving him a fun inside look into what life was about.

In time we both started discovering things about each other and things are alright and we are together. It takes time to open up, but how do you? What do you talk about on a first date? Should you just talk about the normal things? or should it be a life story?

I always get confused on what should be talked about on a first date. If you talk to much about yourself, you come off as conceded, if you talk about other things in your life you might not be open enough. So what do you think? How do you balance both sides of yourself?


How I got trapped on a mountain.

It was just pass 12 in the afternoon. I laid in my bed enjoying the comforts of my pillows and blankets, when suddenly my phone goes off. It is my friend, who I just saw recently a day or two before. He texted me saying, that he was in the mood for a hike,that it was nice weather and we should take advantage of it. I agreed with him, I didn’t have plans till later that night, so a nice afternoon hike would be a great way to get out of the dorm. Living in the North Country, it is rare to get warm weather in November and yes 35-40 degrees is considered warm at this time of the year up here.

I packed simple and light. A small wallet with my IDs, phone, shades and water bottle. I have never been hiking before, just walked through trails back at home, so I told him to pick a location that wasn’t difficult and something fast. He found a trail 40 minutes away and off we went. We were definitely far from the college as we drove deep into the area towards the trail, far enough that we did not have cell phone service.

As we got out of the car, we were ready for this adventure. We started the hike happy and relaxed, we talked about the semester and how much things were going to change, because I was graduating at the end of December. We jumped over rocks, climbed over branches, and took pictures of the beautiful, quiet scenery. Living on Long Island, silence is a gift. I have never been anywhere where I heard my own echo carry out so far, the silence was fascinating and scary.

As we traveled up the mountain we saw snow. During Halloween weekend, it snowed a little, nothing stuck to the ground, but I guess for the mountains it was a different story. We passed some kids and families and we thought the top of the mountain was soon close by. We kept going and going, hiking up the cold mountain, holding on to icy rocks and walking through wet leaves. We were getting concerned as we met the challenges of certain terrains and it started to get dark.

We agreed we would only go a little farther and turn back once we got uncomfortable. We made it to this ledge full of rocks, the rocks were stuck in the ground in random places, it was impossible to think that people made it up the ledge, but we saw the footprints and decided that if our destination isn’t up this ledge we would head back. Unfortunately, we were right, we made it up the ledge, but again faced with another ledge. I said, “I think we should head back, it is getting dark and we still need to walk back to the car.”

He agreed, and as we turned around to go back, it wasn’t as simple as being said. The snow became our worst enemy. The ledge we were on top of, was steep, icy, and wet. We started to become worried as we really paid attention to the darkness and how quickly we were being engulfed with it. It was like a movie screen going black. Trying to walk down these rocks was like walking a tight rope, but the bottom did not have a safety net, it was rocks and trees. I started crying, as I prayed for my life to make it out alive.

My friend and I sat down on the rocks and slide down the icy rocks and wet leaves. It took us around 30 minutes to get down just one hill of rocks. The time was 5:30pm, and the darkness had already set in. We turned on our flashlights on our iphones and we began walking as fast we could down the mountain.

In front of us was just pitch black. We tried to calm each other down as we both held hands so we wouldn’t lose each other. I have never felt so out of control of my life. The fear of the unknown was enough for me to pass out, I was running on pure adrenaline, the bottom of the mountain seemed so out of reach, but I just kept going and going.

What felt like hours and hours running down the mountain, we made it to the clearing and ran to the car. We sat in the car and drove right back to campus. Nothing was said, all was heard was our heavy breathes and all we felt was our own individual hearts.

I sat in the car looking out the window, trying to make of what happened. Tears ran down my face just overwhelmed with emotions. I made it back to my dorm, took a shower, and went straight to bed. Nothing was said, but my thanks to God, that I survived.

Country music is no different

Moving to the north country has definitely opened my horizons to different types of music. I appreciate and love music, I have been playing the clarinet for 10 years, and I grew up with a huge range of music. From listening to KISS, Metallica, and Iron Maiden to Elton John, Madonna, and Fleetwood Mac.

Country music fans are the biggest and most loyal fan base. They will tell you all their love for country and how there is nothing like it. How different it is from all different types of genres.

Living in the suburbs of Long Island, country music has recently started to become a very popular genre of music. Country music has always been popular, but growing up on Long Island, I never really heard it as much, until I came to Plattsburgh. Like the old saying goes, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” I was surrounded by many popular country artist, Luke Bryant, Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, and many more. I started listening to their songs, I enjoyed most of them, but when I think of country music, I think of the simple things in life that make life great, makes me you feel nostalgia.

I remember watching a documentary on HBO about country music and Nashville, Tennessee. The way they described country was that it was telling a story, once they said that. I looked up some old country songs, and forgot my love for Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Tammy Wynette. My mother grew up listening to those songs and I remember growing up listening to her sing those songs.

The songs had so much feeling and meaning, they told stories of experience, sad and happy times. It made you feel something. The problem with country music these days, it is literally pop music with a twang. I like pop music, it makes you dance it makes you feel good.  Country music should be more than just pickup trucks, and getting drunk on Friday night’s football game.

Country music should have heart, and that is the problem with a lot of music. There is no heart, just lyrics, just how high someone can sing, the music industry has become the new Ford assembly line, just breaking out songs as fast as they can. The songs have no depth, you just see it as face value. I don’t like bashing something, that is a big part of my life, but I can’t help, but notice what is going on with music and country music is becoming the same. Just part of the big assembly line.

Public Relations

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In order to be successful in public relations today, you need to be a certain kind of person. PR is all about shaping the image of your business in the eyes of the consumer. There are a few key “skills” that one must possess to do this well.

Knowing your audience is the first step. If you don’t know the age demographic, how your audience feels about certain topics, or their interests, it will be hard to market your business well. Not only do you need to know your audience, you must know and take into account the different audiences that may have a “share” in your business.

The underlying attribute is the ability to understand people and look at the big picture. Being a “people person” isn’t a necessity, but it does help.

Another thing to take into consideration is the migration to the web. More and more, things are…

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Emoji Everywhere 🎃

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Emoji? What are they?

“Emoji” is a japanese term meaning “picture character.” It’s a standard for showing smileys and other little symbols inside text. But unlike traditional smileys that are made up of a sequence of letters like :), every emoji has its own letter.

🌷 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼

Emoji blossomed on smartphones, where quickly picking out an emoji is often faster than typing out a long sentence.

Today we’re rolling out hundreds and hundreds of emoji across WordPress.com — 872 to be exact.


Do they look familiar? That’s because Twitter has graciously decided to open-source their entire set, allowing anyone to use them. We’re already busy preparing to add these to Jetpack, so WordPress.org users can join in the fun too.

Before today, emoji you inserted into your posts on the go wouldn’t always show properly for all your visitors. While the nice little bunny…

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