Ten Years after Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, Has Society Really Changed?

A little bit of everything

The last few years have shown a shift in popular culture rhetoric, encouraging women to accept their curves. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing! After years of “fat shaming” and body images issues, the pendulum has seemingly swung the other way. A new “fat acceptance” movement has permeated social media.

Social media sensations like, Megan Tonjes and Meghan Trainor have sparked a lot of conversation about body-positive movements. While all this is great, it still isn’t the reality for most women.meghanTonjes Tonjes herself experienced controversy in her #bootyrevolution campaign. She claims that Instagram and Tumblr suspended her accounts not because she is exposing her body, but rather because she is fat.

While these issues have created a lot of buzz because this is such a hot topic, personally, I don’t see society responding to these messages. For the most part, we would rather see the image on the right in a…

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