Music For Writers: A Royal Welcome For Two Composers

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The Royal String Quartet. Image: Lukasz Pepol The Royal String Quartet. Image: Lukasz Pepol

‘I Could Talk About It For Hours’

Cover imageEven if the Royal String Quartet’s performances of these works of Paweł Szymański and Paweł Mykietyn weren’t exemplary, the sheer enthusiasm of cellist Michal Pepol alone might put these performances right over the top.

When New York Public Radio’s free 24/7 streaming service Q2 Music chose the quartet’s new album, Royal String Quartet: Szymański and Mykietyn from Hyperion, for its Album of the Week feature, new sound boundaries fell away in the minds of writers who were listening.

Szymański, 60, and Mykietyn, 45, are related, we learned when we talked with Pepol, not just by their Polish cultural leadership but also by having worked together. One result is that happy thing, an album that provides two distinct voices that complement rather than clash with each other.

As violist Doyle Armbrust wrote in his very apt commentary for Q2 Music

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