Crossing The Line – When Its More Than Just Flirting

Pleazure Seekers

I like to flirt. Especially when it is someone I have a close and playful relationship with, I like to have some sexy flirtation in the relationship. It brings us closer, spices things up and opens up new activities and conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have.

My wife knows this and likes it; she feels this makes me interesting and attractive. And as a less flirty person, she develops more intimate relationships with friends through my flirtation.

But a big reason my wife likes my flirty ways is because she knows I know where the line is. But sometimes the line is a little grey. For what its worth, here are my guiding principles:

– I never touch someone in ways that I would be embarrassed or ashamed if my wife caught me doing them. For us, I will touch and cuddle with female friends to a degree that is intimate…

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