Writing a good speech

If you every have the opportunity in taking a speech writing class or a public speaking class I highly suggest thinking about taking one of the courses or both of them. I have taken both classes in my college career and was also a teachers assistant for both courses.

I have read and heard a lot of speeches, and even though I have never written a professional speech, a lot of what I do at work is focus on presentations and how to make each of them better so they can be fresh and fun for both the performer and the audience.

You can have two different types of speeches. Informative or Persuasive. The informative speech informs the audience of an event or situation and bases the speech on fact and statistics. A persuasive speech challenges the audience and the goal of the presenter is to appeal to the audience and get them on their side.

The biggest challenges when writing a speech is the beginning and the end. The beginning is crucial because, that is when you need to grab the audience’s attention and it sets the tone for the whole speech. There are many ways in getting the audience’s attention. They are called attention getting devices. The most popular ones people use are… Humor, rhetorical question, quote, personal story, music, or pictures. (side note about pictures) Using pictures is a great way to get the audience in, but when you are not referring to the picture turn the picture around, because ultimately you want the audience to focus on you not the picture.

After your attention getting device, go right into your thesis and explain why you are talking about this certain topic. From what I noticed some people start off with saying “I am talking about..” a better way on addressing to the audience is using “WE” language. Using “WE” language is good because it gets everyone involved with the issue not just yourself.

The middle of the speech should be filled with citations and credited sources, also do not forget to add your transitions. Transition words can make a good speech become amazing with just using those connector words.

Now, comes the end. after an amazing intro and body the end is where everybody gets stuck and I do not blame them. Endings are hard, but the main goal when ending a speech is to have a good clincher. Endings are what people are going to remember the most, because it is the last thing that they hear. First, try and summarize the message, secondly, paraphrase the thesis, then establish order by mentioning the message once more, lastly the closing statement which is your clincher.

Clinchers are hard to come up with, but I promise, you do not need to be a witty person to develop a strong clincher. Like everything else, it just takes practice.

I wanted to post this because, I am working on a speech right now and I wanted to share with everyone on how I develop a speech and I hope this helps to anyone taking or who is interested in taking a speech class. and shout out to my professor who taught me everything I know Nora Montanaro from SUNY Plattsburgh!


Hello Real World

Two days ago, one of the biggest accomplishments of my life happened, graduating college. Now it is time to go out into the world and take it by the horns. The fear is the unknown, not knowing where life is going to take you, having plans that wont fall through or everything that you thought you were going to be and you are not even close in becoming that person..yet.

Even with all the possible downfalls,I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life, but one of the biggest lessons I think I am going to learn is the art of patience. They always say it will take a million rejections until that one “yes” I am ready to work hard and prove myself in this fast-spinning world, but right now I relax and stay humble for the education I was able to have. To the friends and family that stayed by my side through the good and bad, and to my wonderful sorority sisters that gave me the best memories at SUNY Plattsburgh.

It wasn’t easy packing up and driving six hours away for almost three years, but I knew Plattsburgh was my home away from home. I left Plattsburgh with a heavy heart, but my professors and friends prepared me well and I am confident to handle any challenge in front of me from this moment on.

Now, it is time for some well-deserved relaxation and then let the job hunting commence! This is definitely a surreal feeling.

Never take college for granted, leave your college career with pride and love. Always stay loyal to the ones who have been by your side and always stay grateful for something no one can take away from you.

Fall Class of SUNY Plattsburgh 2014!


The old saying is, “People come and People go” now that I am almost done with my college career, I am looking back at old pictures and statues. I think about how I have changed as a person, and who I am ready to become once I set forth on this new journey of post-graduate life. It is scary to think that soon, my fellow colleagues and I, will be off doing our own thing in a few years. Who knows? maybe get married, start a business, travel across country, have kids, or maybe simply moving out of our parents house.

I remember there being a time when my friends and I would sit around at our sleepovers and how we couldn’t imagine not being able to see each other on the weekends. It was a thought that we never wanted to think about, and now we are living it and it is weird. Sometimes I feel we try to stop the inevitable, and that is moving on. Now that we are older, we each have our own responsibilities, we all started relationships, finishing/still/planning going to school, and my best friend just moved into her first and new apartment.

I seriously wish sometimes I can scream, “I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP!” and then just stop. Moments go by way to fast, and memories in a blink of an eye. The world is always going to keep spinning, and it is nights like tonight when I realize how fast it is really going. Life is meant to be experienced, and with experience only comes lessons learned and good stories to tell.

I think of all the good and bad that has happened in the past and I am humble. It stays in the past because something better is always waiting for us, and once you put it behind you, you are ready to move on from whatever is holding you back. It takes bad choices and mistakes, but eventually we learn and make it to the top. I don’t know how I am going to feel once, I am home for good, but I know it is just another chapter of my life closing and it is just time to turn the next page.


Distance, has become my best friend and enemy. Distance is a bittersweet relationship and definitely one you do not need to put any work towards, it is a relationship you just dive right in and see what happens.

Distance has created the best memories and also the worst. Being away from family and friends for the first time, has put a toll on family conversations, keeping up with friends, and now a new developing relationship.

Distance has given me the freedom I needed for a long time. Finally, being able to make my own choices and feeling like I can rely on myself. Distance also creates loneliness, and soon you might pile up a list of things you might regret and many nights waking up in empty beds and awkward looks in the dining hall.

What is really happening? Distance turned to loneliness, and loneliness turned to wild nights, wild nights turned into cold beds.

Distance does not just become a enemy of your current relationships, but also within ourselves and what I believe shows, how we constantly need to be reminded how we want to feel needed and special.

The new relationship is in distance due to being hours away from each other, but distance is also missing the touches, the intimacy, the smiles and laughs. Life is already going to fast to miss more opportunities of small joys like that.

Distance creates fondness and a strong bond. It gives you excitement when you haven’t seen that face you have been wanting to see. When you feel you were only able to see that face in your dreams, and now it is right in front of you.

Distance can get the best of anybody. Distance is not a weakness, it is an experience we have all done and shared. The difficulties behind distance, are broad that it seems to be one of those things, that we can all understand, but can only explain in so many words.

Distance, is a big monster to tackle, and for those going away for the first time. I am now a senior with 7 weeks left until I graduate. Embrace, your changes and when distance gets hard, always remember who can be on the other end of line.

What today taught me

As I sat in class, I realized how much time has passed by. I am senior in college, and I plan on graduating in the fall. Today, showed me how much I still need to learn and experience to be ready for the “real world”

The “real world” scares me, it haunts me, and teases me. No matter how much I feel I am ready to graduate, I feel I would never be ready for what the future holds. It scares me knowing that I could fail, it scares me that after a hard four years I might not get a career that I am working hard for.

My family and friends say, just focus on the present. If you focus on what is in front of you now then the big things will happen for you. I feel that is just me personally, I always focus on the future, I always think of things before, decisions are even made. I look at all aspects of a situation and figure out all outcomes. I don’t know why I do, I have been doing that since I could remember.

I sometimes drive myself crazy, but is it wrong to worry? Graduating in the fall, is a challenge. You feel that you need to soak everything in, trying to fit all those “last first times” keeping up with your friends, and staying on top of your school work. You want to experience as much as you can, because college is the glory days of having fun and feeling young forever.

Taking my law exam and ending the day with a poor grade. I find myself thinking, am I truly ready? Maybe, it is just the first weeks of the semester just piling up, but I have nothing to fall back on.

That is what’s scary. You have nothing to fall back on, you only have yourself and it is up to you, to figure out your path. Since kindergarten, school is all we know and now you are transitioning into a phase where you have no safety net.

What I learned today, is to keep working hard, and turning the negative thoughts into positive ones, so that can be the catalyst in myself and hopefully a bright future.


Giving Up Brand Challenge! Videos!

Hey everyone! This is an assignment that I did for one of my Public Relations classes! It is called the Self-deprivation assignment, or I like to call it the giving up the brand challenge.

Basically, you give up your favorite brand for a week, and you need to replace it with a brand that is a competing brand, or a brand that you feel doesn’t match up with your favorite product.

I decided to give up my favorite face wash, it is called Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub, from Neutrogena! I hope you all enjoy my videos! Sorry that I uploaded links I’m still new to this site, so I’m trying to figure everything out lol some uploading video advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Either way, I hope you all have the patience with the links and watch my videos! I hope you all enjoy my journey giving up my favorite product for a week! 🙂



Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5/6


Day 7


Sometimes my life is being Clinton from “What not to wear”

Being in college you are always surrounded by new people and different experiences. An interesting part of starting the new academic year, is seeing the fashion of some students, the biggest reflection of what is in style is noticing what your peers are wearing. I am all about you dressing whatever represents you, but I do believe you need to have some sense and respect for yourself when presenting yourself to the school population. 

l am not saying go out in your prom dress, but dress like if you were going on a casual outing with your friends. I personally wouldn’t consider myself a Rachel Zoe, but looking nice is a big part of my life. My mother has always told me that dressing nice always makes a great impression, and in some cases you should care what people think of you. I highly doubt, that most of you are going to interviews in sweatpants and a shirt that you have put on repeat for the past 3 days. 

Being in your twenties, gives you a chance to be open with you style and see what works for you. Personally, in a college environment a lot of young women believe showing off skin is a form of fashion and being sexy, and it can be! but it needs to be in the right setting, going to your 9 am class in your shortest skirt seems a little to much. Men also, I do not to see your cut off shirt on the sides with your abs sticking out, I am not concentrating on that. Honestly, seeing a beautiful layered outfit is sexy and fashionable, and casual button downs with jeans for men is just as sexy. 

Again! fashion is form of expression and it can be whatever you want, this is just my view. I’ll tell you why I am writing this post, it is because the other day I was walking out of my class and I saw this student a young woman, wearing a sports bra and jeans. Hair in a messy bun and a zip up jacket open. I spoke to my friends with what I saw and I wasn’t the only one who thought this was unacceptable. You are in college, man or woman please look decent for school. Believe me, I have my lazy days too, sweat pants and a simple t-shirt, but jeez what I saw was just not okay. 

To me dressing up, makes me feel good, and it should make you feel good too! Dressing up makes me feel confident, again lazy days happen but, most of the time I am dressed up for school. I think it is also the public relations in me, being in the public relations major, majority of students are dressed nice. Honestly, I think it adds some friendly competition, because I think we are all very stylish people and I believe we all influence each other. Also being in this major, we get drill in our heads to dress professionally.

I just think we should remember that we should always present ourselves positively and openly, and that we love ourselves. I know this is probably overly said, but it is true, once you love yourself nothing else matters. Do not dress yourself having the attitude, “I don’t care” You never know what is going to happen during the day, and whether it was bad or good. You can always still look in the mirror and say “damn, at least I still look good today”