Trying to be patient when life knocks us down

Patience, my worst enemy. I knew how difficult it was going to be, but damn these days it seems everyone that I know can’t get a break!

Life happens and I understand but, how many trials do we all need to go through to finally get to the top of the mountain? Everything just always seems to be hitting everyone at the worst times and all at once. Once we figure it out, something happens that brings us two-steps back again. I know so many people who work so hard, who can give themselves the motivation to keep going, but still end up back at square one, so again I ask. How much do we need give to finally get on top of the mountain?

The destination seems endless and impossible. In a time of our lives where we are stressed over how many jobs we need to work to pay off our debts, parents that just don’t understand that sometimes we couldn’t be that person they wanted us to be, or being scared that the road ahead keeps splitting into two. At the end of the day, maybe honestly, we just don’t know what we want. That isn’t acceptable though, our lives have been programmed to have a beginning and an end, and the ending needs to have some purpose.

I think we all play this patience game, because we are waiting for something to strike us so something can make sense. What makes sense? People who dream are told not to dream to big, because in reality that dream can’t happen right away, so don’t set your expectations high. I could be wrong, but I feel we constantly push each other down rather than pushing each other up. Reality is what we make it, and if we are the ones who are being patient, maybe we should act that others are waiting for us, so we can change the lives of those around us.


Take time to realize

I love Angelina Jolie, and her wedding dress, people who say otherwise well.. bye Felicia! no, in all seriousness, her wedding was stunning and done in all Angelina fashion. Surrounding herself with what a real wedding is all about, and that is family, love, support, and simple beauty. 

I am not married and I do not plan on getting married anytime soon, but the idea of having her children’s pictures on her veil, was beautiful, and I feel it symbolizes what is really important. Watching reality TV and all these stars getting married and TLC shows about weddings, makes me think, what is really important? A wedding is when two people who love each other come together to celebrate a commitment. I feel it has just become this big show, over priced dresses, venues, doves flying, fireworks. I know over exaggerated, but I feel people have forgotten the simplicity of it, in to why getting married is special, and it is just one answer, you love the person.

If I get any comments on this post, I bet someone will say, “Well, you are young you don’t know what love is.” and my response would be “do you?” I am recently in a relationship, but before I met my current boyfriend, I was with someone for five years! five years of my life dedicated to this person and not once did I cheat, curse, or put him down in any way, we were completely happy with each other and we loved each other. Just because you are young or old, those feelings you can’t explain when you are around someone is real, butterflies, happiness, isn’t that love? 

Why does love need to be measurable? and even after you get married, love does not end, you still love the person, and love should never stop it should be continuous. Love is not about gifts or sending winky faces and hearts to each other via text message, pick up the phone and call someone, or take the time to see someone you haven’t seen in awhile. We should all take the time to realize the good we all have, whether it is in a relationship or the love for your friends, family or pets. You would simply do anything for anyone of those special beings in your life, because the key word is LOVE, and love is a powerful thing. 

Props to Angelina, who I feel really saw the true meaning of what love is, which she did in simple fashion, and that is just being surrounded by love yourself. So I guess the real thing to realize, is just be surrounded by the ones who love you, and from that love will follow with you everywhere ❤