Next step: Meet the parents

Being in a new relationship there is a fun and innocent side when starting out, but once you start spending more time with this person, you become invested in them and they become a bigger part in the picture. Meeting the parents is a step that all couples take eventually. When you allow your significant other meet your parents, it is a sign of taking the person you are with serious and that you are deepening your relationship.

Parents are tricky. I have always been nervous when meeting parents, but nervous is a good thing because it shows that you are taking the meeting seriously. Everyone wants to be liked, but if you are not liked by your partner’s parents that calls for some rough storms ahead.

You always need to remember that parents always want what is best for their kids. Even if the relationship between the parents and you start off rocky, they will always lighten up. Have the patience and try to get to know them too. Taking communication classes believe me, people love talking about themselves because people like to feel important.

Dating is simple, but adding elements like family starts to make it complex. Complex is good, because it challenges your partner and you. Life is not perfect, but it will still go on and just got to roll with what is coming at you.

I am nervous and scared meeting my boyfriend’s parents. They are a traditional family and I am afraid of saying the wrong thing or making them feel uncomfortable.

The fear is not pleasing them, but remember you are dating your partner not their parents. All you can do is be yourself and being yourself is enough.

In my personal opinion, I think that if you are truly happy with the person you are with. That they do not harm you in anyway shape or form. Parents will always want to see their child happy.

To those who are also in the next step, good luck and hopefully the first meeting will go smoothly!