Writing a good speech

If you every have the opportunity in taking a speech writing class or a public speaking class I highly suggest thinking about taking one of the courses or both of them. I have taken both classes in my college career and was also a teachers assistant for both courses.

I have read and heard a lot of speeches, and even though I have never written a professional speech, a lot of what I do at work is focus on presentations and how to make each of them better so they can be fresh and fun for both the performer and the audience.

You can have two different types of speeches. Informative or Persuasive. The informative speech informs the audience of an event or situation and bases the speech on fact and statistics. A persuasive speech challenges the audience and the goal of the presenter is to appeal to the audience and get them on their side.

The biggest challenges when writing a speech is the beginning and the end. The beginning is crucial because, that is when you need to grab the audience’s attention and it sets the tone for the whole speech. There are many ways in getting the audience’s attention. They are called attention getting devices. The most popular ones people use are… Humor, rhetorical question, quote, personal story, music, or pictures. (side note about pictures) Using pictures is a great way to get the audience in, but when you are not referring to the picture turn the picture around, because ultimately you want the audience to focus on you not the picture.

After your attention getting device, go right into your thesis and explain why you are talking about this certain topic. From what I noticed some people start off with saying “I am talking about..” a better way on addressing to the audience is using “WE” language. Using “WE” language is good because it gets everyone involved with the issue not just yourself.

The middle of the speech should be filled with citations and credited sources, also do not forget to add your transitions. Transition words can make a good speech become amazing with just using those connector words.

Now, comes the end. after an amazing intro and body the end is where everybody gets stuck and I do not blame them. Endings are hard, but the main goal when ending a speech is to have a good clincher. Endings are what people are going to remember the most, because it is the last thing that they hear. First, try and summarize the message, secondly, paraphrase the thesis, then establish order by mentioning the message once more, lastly the closing statement which is your clincher.

Clinchers are hard to come up with, but I promise, you do not need to be a witty person to develop a strong clincher. Like everything else, it just takes practice.

I wanted to post this because, I am working on a speech right now and I wanted to share with everyone on how I develop a speech and I hope this helps to anyone taking or who is interested in taking a speech class. and shout out to my professor who taught me everything I know Nora Montanaro from SUNY Plattsburgh!


When you are ready

Being in a long distance relationship was hard. The constant trips back and forth only able to see the person maybe two days out of the four you were home, because not only were you trying to spend time with your partner, but also making time for family and friends.

Being in a new relationship is great. It is exciting and fun! Starting out a relationship and then leaving two weeks after is what makes this relationship hard. I have been going out with my boyfriend for four months now. I could not be happier, I am so lucky to have someone who has been there for me and has stuck out the distance to be with me. It is honestly a miracle and I am so thankful everyday to have him in my life.

The tricky part is when the distance is over and now you are finally home. In my last post, I wrote about graduating college. I am ready to experience the full extant of adulthood, and now also work on a new relationship.

It’s hard because, even though I have been with my boyfriend for awhile now, we still do not know each other. It is almost like going back to day one.

The feelings are there, but something still holds you back from being completely upfront about those feelings.

Feelings can be expressed in many forms. Calling, “check-up” texts, surprises, physical touch, jokes, smiles, and laughter. I guess it is more that you want to hear it, you want to hear the special words. Once you do, it is like finally everything is complete, there is no worrying or analyzing.

You are finally free to tell this person exactly how you feel, with the most indescribable word, because it is just that powerful.

I wish that sometimes things were different. I wish that I was not far away and that maybe my boyfriend and I would not be feeling this way and that we can be a open about how we feel about each other. We care deeply about each other, but I know we need to just be patient and wait for the moment when we are comfortable and it will be right and not just said.

When we are ready, I know our relationship will be more deeper, until then I am happy with where we are now and even though I wish that sometimes things were different. I do not regret anything.

First Week Blues

Anxious, nervous, excited, the unknown waiting to happen as I sat in the car with my parents waiting to see the big sign, WELCOME TO SUNY PLATTSBURGH. This semester is going to be a whirlwind of experiences, because it is my last semester at Plattsburgh, a place that I have called my home for five semesters now. It is depressing to think that this is it, soon real life will hit and I will venture out with just a diploma and resume in hand hoping someone or something will come out and reach out to me, so I can find my purpose in life. Instead of focusing on the future, I want to stop and focus what it is in front of me. The first week is always the longest, it is the pace you set yourself for the semester, but for me it is my last time experiencing everything the “first time”. I can say it is bittersweet. I bet whoever is reading, figured this would have been a normal post, about a typical first week, but my first week was letting everything overwhelm me in a good way. As seniors we all say “We will never accept leaving.” but, you eventually do, and when you come to those terms, just have a smile and remember all the good you have done and all the bad you are going to change once you go into that “unknown” because, you know better now.

I remember when graduating high school, we all lined up at the end of the building and as we started walking outside, a normal walk turned, slow motion as I made my way down the hallway looking at everything that had once been mine. Classrooms, bathrooms, labs, lockers, offices, and cafeterias, they all suddenly all became so distant, as I walked passed every one of them, but I knew I was leaving behind a good legacy of myself and that is what made it so great, because every inch of space of the building has a memory and as corny as it sounds, memories live on.

I believe that it is the fear, the fear of being forgotten. Now that the timing is so close, do you wonder, “Did I do enough?” but, even if you joined a million clubs or stayed in the comforts of your dorm or home. This is senior year! and this is your time to shine! I can say the first week blues for me, was a reminder that soon the time will run out, but just take in everything right now before that clock strikes. One, thing I can suggest is take a long way back to your dorm or apartment and really look, and really concentrate on what you are looking at. Breathe and look at your surroundings and you will be washed over with some first week blues, knowing this could be the last time you will be there. Don’t push yourself out of the comfort limits, but really make this semester or year a good one. So when you do take that final walk, you will leave everything with accomplishment, and then after will come the next “first” and that is working that 9 to 5. That is really a first week blues.