Finding Focus In Different Media

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The main medium for my creative energy is writing — whether I communicate with bloggers and editors, draft a post, or jot down something just for myself or a handful of close friends.

When I get stuck, though, one thing I almost always find useful is to stop thinking with and through words.

My default alternative is music. It might still contain verbs and nouns if it’s a voice-centric genre, but something about the abrupt transition from the written word to the clash of sounds often shakes me out of the writerly malaise I’m experiencing. Music, just like writing, often aims to convey emotion and tell a story, so hearing how a composer deals with these challenges can be incredibly illuminating.

It doesn’t have to be music, of course; it can be cooking, or playing a game, or solving a puzzle. Here is celebrated novelist Nicole Krauss, explaining how looking at visual art has helped her think about…

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Next step: Meet the parents

Being in a new relationship there is a fun and innocent side when starting out, but once you start spending more time with this person, you become invested in them and they become a bigger part in the picture. Meeting the parents is a step that all couples take eventually. When you allow your significant other meet your parents, it is a sign of taking the person you are with serious and that you are deepening your relationship.

Parents are tricky. I have always been nervous when meeting parents, but nervous is a good thing because it shows that you are taking the meeting seriously. Everyone wants to be liked, but if you are not liked by your partner’s parents that calls for some rough storms ahead.

You always need to remember that parents always want what is best for their kids. Even if the relationship between the parents and you start off rocky, they will always lighten up. Have the patience and try to get to know them too. Taking communication classes believe me, people love talking about themselves because people like to feel important.

Dating is simple, but adding elements like family starts to make it complex. Complex is good, because it challenges your partner and you. Life is not perfect, but it will still go on and just got to roll with what is coming at you.

I am nervous and scared meeting my boyfriend’s parents. They are a traditional family and I am afraid of saying the wrong thing or making them feel uncomfortable.

The fear is not pleasing them, but remember you are dating your partner not their parents. All you can do is be yourself and being yourself is enough.

In my personal opinion, I think that if you are truly happy with the person you are with. That they do not harm you in anyway shape or form. Parents will always want to see their child happy.

To those who are also in the next step, good luck and hopefully the first meeting will go smoothly!

When you are ready

Being in a long distance relationship was hard. The constant trips back and forth only able to see the person maybe two days out of the four you were home, because not only were you trying to spend time with your partner, but also making time for family and friends.

Being in a new relationship is great. It is exciting and fun! Starting out a relationship and then leaving two weeks after is what makes this relationship hard. I have been going out with my boyfriend for four months now. I could not be happier, I am so lucky to have someone who has been there for me and has stuck out the distance to be with me. It is honestly a miracle and I am so thankful everyday to have him in my life.

The tricky part is when the distance is over and now you are finally home. In my last post, I wrote about graduating college. I am ready to experience the full extant of adulthood, and now also work on a new relationship.

It’s hard because, even though I have been with my boyfriend for awhile now, we still do not know each other. It is almost like going back to day one.

The feelings are there, but something still holds you back from being completely upfront about those feelings.

Feelings can be expressed in many forms. Calling, “check-up” texts, surprises, physical touch, jokes, smiles, and laughter. I guess it is more that you want to hear it, you want to hear the special words. Once you do, it is like finally everything is complete, there is no worrying or analyzing.

You are finally free to tell this person exactly how you feel, with the most indescribable word, because it is just that powerful.

I wish that sometimes things were different. I wish that I was not far away and that maybe my boyfriend and I would not be feeling this way and that we can be a open about how we feel about each other. We care deeply about each other, but I know we need to just be patient and wait for the moment when we are comfortable and it will be right and not just said.

When we are ready, I know our relationship will be more deeper, until then I am happy with where we are now and even though I wish that sometimes things were different. I do not regret anything.

Hello Real World

Two days ago, one of the biggest accomplishments of my life happened, graduating college. Now it is time to go out into the world and take it by the horns. The fear is the unknown, not knowing where life is going to take you, having plans that wont fall through or everything that you thought you were going to be and you are not even close in becoming that person..yet.

Even with all the possible downfalls,I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life, but one of the biggest lessons I think I am going to learn is the art of patience. They always say it will take a million rejections until that one “yes” I am ready to work hard and prove myself in this fast-spinning world, but right now I relax and stay humble for the education I was able to have. To the friends and family that stayed by my side through the good and bad, and to my wonderful sorority sisters that gave me the best memories at SUNY Plattsburgh.

It wasn’t easy packing up and driving six hours away for almost three years, but I knew Plattsburgh was my home away from home. I left Plattsburgh with a heavy heart, but my professors and friends prepared me well and I am confident to handle any challenge in front of me from this moment on.

Now, it is time for some well-deserved relaxation and then let the job hunting commence! This is definitely a surreal feeling.

Never take college for granted, leave your college career with pride and love. Always stay loyal to the ones who have been by your side and always stay grateful for something no one can take away from you.

Fall Class of SUNY Plattsburgh 2014!

he said “I spoke to much”

My boyfriend and I recently had the famous conversation of recalling our first date. The awkwardness of meeting someone you never met before and the things you do that never seem to be a problem, until you reflect back on the situation.

I know, that when I get nervous I speak fast and I never seem to stop lol and my boyfriend caught onto to that too. In his words “I spoke to much” but, I guess it wasn’t a problem since we obviously went on more dates.

Until I found out, it kinda was. He said I spoke to much about other things, like school and my sorority. I gave him a look like, “well I didn’t know what to talk about.” and he responded, “Well, I wish you spoke more about yourself.”

There was no hard feelings to this conversation, It made me curious, I thought I was open, I thought I was giving him a fun inside look into what life was about.

In time we both started discovering things about each other and things are alright and we are together. It takes time to open up, but how do you? What do you talk about on a first date? Should you just talk about the normal things? or should it be a life story?

I always get confused on what should be talked about on a first date. If you talk to much about yourself, you come off as conceded, if you talk about other things in your life you might not be open enough. So what do you think? How do you balance both sides of yourself?

How I got trapped on a mountain.

It was just pass 12 in the afternoon. I laid in my bed enjoying the comforts of my pillows and blankets, when suddenly my phone goes off. It is my friend, who I just saw recently a day or two before. He texted me saying, that he was in the mood for a hike,that it was nice weather and we should take advantage of it. I agreed with him, I didn’t have plans till later that night, so a nice afternoon hike would be a great way to get out of the dorm. Living in the North Country, it is rare to get warm weather in November and yes 35-40 degrees is considered warm at this time of the year up here.

I packed simple and light. A small wallet with my IDs, phone, shades and water bottle. I have never been hiking before, just walked through trails back at home, so I told him to pick a location that wasn’t difficult and something fast. He found a trail 40 minutes away and off we went. We were definitely far from the college as we drove deep into the area towards the trail, far enough that we did not have cell phone service.

As we got out of the car, we were ready for this adventure. We started the hike happy and relaxed, we talked about the semester and how much things were going to change, because I was graduating at the end of December. We jumped over rocks, climbed over branches, and took pictures of the beautiful, quiet scenery. Living on Long Island, silence is a gift. I have never been anywhere where I heard my own echo carry out so far, the silence was fascinating and scary.

As we traveled up the mountain we saw snow. During Halloween weekend, it snowed a little, nothing stuck to the ground, but I guess for the mountains it was a different story. We passed some kids and families and we thought the top of the mountain was soon close by. We kept going and going, hiking up the cold mountain, holding on to icy rocks and walking through wet leaves. We were getting concerned as we met the challenges of certain terrains and it started to get dark.

We agreed we would only go a little farther and turn back once we got uncomfortable. We made it to this ledge full of rocks, the rocks were stuck in the ground in random places, it was impossible to think that people made it up the ledge, but we saw the footprints and decided that if our destination isn’t up this ledge we would head back. Unfortunately, we were right, we made it up the ledge, but again faced with another ledge. I said, “I think we should head back, it is getting dark and we still need to walk back to the car.”

He agreed, and as we turned around to go back, it wasn’t as simple as being said. The snow became our worst enemy. The ledge we were on top of, was steep, icy, and wet. We started to become worried as we really paid attention to the darkness and how quickly we were being engulfed with it. It was like a movie screen going black. Trying to walk down these rocks was like walking a tight rope, but the bottom did not have a safety net, it was rocks and trees. I started crying, as I prayed for my life to make it out alive.

My friend and I sat down on the rocks and slide down the icy rocks and wet leaves. It took us around 30 minutes to get down just one hill of rocks. The time was 5:30pm, and the darkness had already set in. We turned on our flashlights on our iphones and we began walking as fast we could down the mountain.

In front of us was just pitch black. We tried to calm each other down as we both held hands so we wouldn’t lose each other. I have never felt so out of control of my life. The fear of the unknown was enough for me to pass out, I was running on pure adrenaline, the bottom of the mountain seemed so out of reach, but I just kept going and going.

What felt like hours and hours running down the mountain, we made it to the clearing and ran to the car. We sat in the car and drove right back to campus. Nothing was said, all was heard was our heavy breathes and all we felt was our own individual hearts.

I sat in the car looking out the window, trying to make of what happened. Tears ran down my face just overwhelmed with emotions. I made it back to my dorm, took a shower, and went straight to bed. Nothing was said, but my thanks to God, that I survived.