Cause I’m all about that bass

I believe everyone knows the song that I am talking about. Β This old school feel song, is getting some well full, figured women some attention! Be proud ladies! Living in this world is tough, always having standards set way to high for us, needing us to be the perfect size, this song is a compliment to those who are happy just the way they are. No one should tell you how to feel beautiful.

I remember when coming into college, I knew a lot of attention was going towards those who have a smaller number on the scale, but I never wanted that to be the reason why someone liked me. I wanted people to like me because, of my personality and that I am a good person. I remember my roommate would tell me, that guys are just into looks in college, and that could be the case because everyone is just the birds and the bees around here, but that is nothing new just comes with the territory! side note! (Always remember glove is love!)

As I got older, I feel times are changing with this though. I’m gonna lie, I’m a big girl, curves in I don’t know if they are in the right places, but I’m happy with what I have. A lot of men do talk to me, a lot of men took me out on dates. It is not impossible! Let’s take Marc Anthony of example! We can be honest, he isn’t the first man you think of when you think celebrity crush or sexy, but his personality and confidence lights up the room and that is what I feel gets peoples attention.

People always want to be surrounded by those who have a strong positive energy about them. If you are on the bigger size, let that be your upper hand. Never give in to people and never be something you are not! Be yourself and always just live your life simply, beautifully, and be humble :3


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