Sometimes my life is being Clinton from “What not to wear”

Being in college you are always surrounded by new people and different experiences. An interesting part of starting the new academic year, is seeing the fashion of some students, the biggest reflection of what is in style is noticing what your peers are wearing. I am all about you dressing whatever represents you, but I do believe you need to have some sense and respect for yourself when presenting yourself to the school population.Β 

l am not saying go out in your prom dress, but dress like if you were going on a casual outing with your friends. I personally wouldn’t consider myself a Rachel Zoe, but looking nice is a big part of my life. My mother has always told me that dressing nice always makes a great impression, and in some cases you should care what people think of you. I highly doubt, that most of you are going to interviews in sweatpants and a shirt that you have put on repeat for the past 3 days.Β 

Being in your twenties, gives you a chance to be open with you style and see what works for you. Personally, in a college environment a lot of young women believe showing off skin is a form of fashion and being sexy, and it can be! but it needs to be in the right setting, going to your 9 am class in your shortest skirt seems a little to much. Men also, I do not to see your cut off shirt on the sides with your abs sticking out, I am not concentrating on that. Honestly, seeing a beautiful layered outfit is sexy and fashionable, and casual button downs with jeans for men is just as sexy.Β 

Again! fashion is form of expression and it can be whatever you want, this is just my view. I’ll tell you why I am writing this post, it is because the other day I was walking out of my class and I saw this student a young woman, wearing a sports bra and jeans. Hair in a messy bun and a zip up jacket open. I spoke to my friends with what I saw and I wasn’t the only one who thought this was unacceptable. You are in college, man or woman please look decent for school. Believe me, I have my lazy days too, sweat pants and a simple t-shirt, but jeez what I saw was just not okay.Β 

To me dressing up, makes me feel good, and it should make you feel good too! Dressing up makes me feel confident, again lazy days happen but, most of the time I am dressed up for school. I think it is also the public relations in me, being in the public relations major, majority of students are dressed nice. Honestly, I think it adds some friendly competition, because I think we are all very stylish people and I believe we all influence each other. Also being in this major, we get drill in our heads to dress professionally.

I just think we should remember that we should always present ourselves positively and openly, and that we love ourselves. I know this is probably overly said, but it is true, once you love yourself nothing else matters. Do not dress yourself having the attitude, “I don’t care” You never know what is going to happen during the day, and whether it was bad or good. You can always still look in the mirror and say “damn, at least I still look good today”Β 



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