When you finally made it!

College is such an exciting time, yes all that normal stuff.. discovering yourself and all that, but I’m talking about the BIG 21! yes! You know you have finally reached status when you are not attending those house parties anymore and you can go downtown and know you can drink without being kicked out!Β 

Tonight a very special person in my life turned 21, my old roommate. I was so honored to spend this night with her, literally just her and I. I feel as the person who is 21, taking this person out is like your responsibility and an honor at the same time. My roommate and I have only known each other for 2 years, and I love that out of everyone she wanted to spend her first night being 21 with me.Β 

I took my girl tonight and paid for everything! It is a Wednesday, but that never stops a 21st birthday! 21st birthdays as we all know are special, it is the one night/day out of year where you can celebrate a long hard road of being to young, awkward teenage days, to the years where you are so close yet still so far, and now the big moment has arrived! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a long, awaited wait?!

To anyone who reads this and is going to turn 21 good luck and be nice to your friends! to those who are 21, remember the moment and smile, because you know after 21 it’s just another number after that, and I should know… turning 22 in 2 weeks is just going to be another day. What I wouldn’t give.. if I could just relive my whole 21st birthday once again!Β 


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