what is truly being naked?

My twitter feed has been bombarded, to what seems to be Jennifer Lawrence’s naked pictures that have some how gotten leaked onto the internet. To be honest, it was quite shocking to see as I was just regularly checking my feed, before class. As I scrolled down, and followed the stories, I could not help but notice how amazed people were seeing her body.

Yes, of course Jennifer Lawrence to me is beautiful, smart, and talented. That is what makes her attractive, but a body is just a body.  I cannot say what Jennifer Lawrence did was right or wrong, in a world full of people thinking “what happened to honesty?” well yeah, think about it, like no one has never sent a nudie pic for that special lady or male friend. Let’s be real. 

She is a woman who can make her own choices, and whether you are 22 or 44 you are still going to make mistakes and you are going to still do stupid stuff, it is just because she is young that everyone is picking on her. This just makes me wonder, in a time where women have so much happening for them, a time where women have developed more personable traits to make them more desirable, are women’s bodies still just the main factor? I know it might be a foolish question, but I really wonder, especially for me, I am young woman about to graduate college. Would my diploma, resume, and good personality pay off? or is getting the job showing off a little bit of skin? 

It is disgusting, men posting pictures of blistered hands saying “What happened when I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes” and to also blame her! Basically, saying in the lines of, “Well I wouldn’t be doing it if she didn’t take naked photos.” Of course, the woman gets blamed, and if this situation happened to a man, you know he would still put the blame on the woman, saying the excuse, “Well she asked for the pictures.” 

How about this? Lets all own up to our mistakes like adults. We are human and of course we are attracted when we see tits and ass, or dicks and hard abs in front of us, but that is just a body, what about the soul that dwells in that body. The person lying underneath the flesh. 

“It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into you spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams…that is being naked.” – unknown 


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